What is the Healthiest Home Meal Delivery Service?

Choosing the healthiest home meal delivery service is a complicated task, because healthy food is not universally understood. Each person’s nutritional needs are different, and so is the definition of “healthy” food. For some people, low-carb meals are healthiest, while others prefer meatless dishes. Get the best healthy meals delivered services for your need.


If you’re looking for a home meal delivery service that’s sustainable and ethical, Sunbasket is a great option. Its insulated box made of recycled paper and denim keeps the food cool and is completely recyclable. In addition, the ice packs that come with Sunbasket are compostable.

Sunbasket offers a wide variety of meal plans, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Customers can choose to have meals that are meat-free, dairy-free, or gluten-free. They can also select the number of servings that they want to receive for a week. Subscriptions are available for two to four people. Sunbasket has a dietitian on staff, and each meal is carefully selected and crafted to meet specific health and nutritional goals.


The Freshly delivered home meal delivery service offers ready-to-eat, chef-prepared meals. The meals are delivered to your door in single-serving sizes and are healthy and delicious. The menu has more than 30 meal choices, catering to all kinds of dietary needs. All of the ingredients are all-natural and contain minimal amounts of refined sugar. The meals range from hearty penne Bolognese bake to keto-friendly chicken and turkey meatloaf.

You can select from several meal plans, including Whole30 Approved and vegetarian. Other meal plans are paleo, keto, and diabetic. The company will provide nutritional information for every meal. It is important to know your nutritional needs before making a decision about which meal delivery service to choose.

Blue Apron

If you’re looking for a health meal delivery service that offers a diverse weekly menu, Blue Apron is a great choice. The company’s menus are carefully curated and the recipes are easy to follow. Many of the meals are under 600 calories. Additionally, the menus are designed around a Mediterranean diet and include wine pairings.

Most meals include all the ingredients you’ll need. However, you may need to buy pantry staples for some of the meals. Large recipe cards come with step-by-step instructions. Most recipes take 45 minutes or less to prepare, and they require only one or two pots and pans. Blue Apron sources its ingredients responsibly and supports farms that follow animal welfare standards.

Splendid Spoon

The Splendid Spoon is a home meal delivery service that offers a variety of nutritious meals. Its menu features a variety of plant-based options. This makes it an excellent choice for people who eat a plant-based diet but don’t want to spend time preparing a meal. Moreover, all meals come with a detailed ingredient list, nutritional information, and preparation instructions. Its meals are also gluten-free and vegan.

Customers can choose from three meal plans. Each plan includes five meals a week, bottled smoothies, soups, and bowls. Customers can also customize the meals according to their preferences. A typical meal plan consists of five bowls and a smoothie for breakfast. The Breakfast, Lunch, and Reset meal plans include five smoothies each week.

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